10 Ways to Improve Your Beauty Sleep

Michael Escoto

Everyone knows that sleep is an important ingredient in the ongoing beauty process. Quality sleep can help your skin heal, reduce breakouts, even your skin tone, and prevent bags under the eyes. Sleep helps us renew energy and gets us both physically and mentally ready for the day to come.

Can Toner Help Your Skin?

What does your face washing routine consist of? Wash, rinse, and dry in the morning and then repeat at night? If this is the case, you may notice your skin being too dry or too oily after washing. Adding toner to your regimen may help solve this problem while giving you more vibrant, healthy skin in the process.

8 Hair Removal Mistakes to Avoid

Through trial and error, everyone needs to find which hair removal technique is right for them. Along this path, many unnecessary mistakes are made. However, these mistakes are avoidable! Hopefully this list will save you from making some common and painful hair removal errors.