How to Apply Your Halloween Makeup

Halloween is the time of year where we get to pretend to be anything our heart desires. Do you want to be something brutal and scary like a zombie or a serial killer? No one will bat an eye. How about a pretty Disney princess or a celebrity? That is awesome as well. Halloween is all about freedom, creativity and having a great time.

No matter what you choose to be for Halloween, if your costume involves facial makeup, follow these simple steps.

5 Beauty Rules You Should Break

The beauty world is full of both written and unwritten rules. From the age of beauty print magazines to modern beauty blogs (including this one), there have always been sources to tell us what combinations look good, which look bad, how to best take care of our hair and nails, and what hairstyles to wear in each season. While all of this information is extremely valuable (there is a reason they became “rules” in the first place) it is also important to note that every person is different, and what may look great for one may not work for another. Think of beauty rules as guidelines that are meant to be experimented with.