7 Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid

Michael Escoto

There is nothing more important to your overall beauty routine than keeping your skin healthy. Surprisingly, there are many people that have never learned how to properly care for their skin. In this blog, I will take a look at common skin care mistakes that can lead to wrinkles, dry skin, and breakouts.

Are you making any of these mistakes?

Not Using Sunscreen


If you think that the only time that the sun damages your skin is when you are out on the beach, think again. The sun is slowly and surely taking its toll on your skin even when you are driving in your car, going outside for a run on an overcast day, or enjoying a book in the shade on your porch. The sun’s rays are constantly working their hardest to age their skin, so you need to take measures to combat them. Wearing sunscreen daily (yes, 365 days a year) is the only way to prevent wrinkle causing damage.

Over Exfoliating


Ideally, physical facial exfoliants like facial scrubs and brushes should be used only two or three times a week, while chemical exfoliants should be used three nights on, three nights off. Exfoliation is a great way to get rid of that damaged and dead layer of skin to expose the fresh and healthy skin underneath. However, overdoing it can injure your skin. Too much exfoliation can lead to flaking, severe dehydration of the skin, the death healthy cells and many more problems. Exfoliate in moderation. Just because it’s good for your skin in small doses does not mean that more exfoliation is a good thing.

Not Washing Your Face Before Bed

Washing Face

Yes, I am aware that I just wrote that wearing your makeup overnight is a beauty rule you should break, but I meant once in a very long while. Washing the makeup and oils off of your face before bed is vital to keeping your pores clear. If you do not, dirt and oils can be trapped against the skin overnight and end up clogging your pores. Additionally, a lot of makeup contains ingredients that will irritate the skin overtime unless it is removed.

Washing your face before bed is a skin care fundamental that is essential for keeping a great complexion.



There are many reasons to quit smoking; add skin health to that list. A study from the University of Michigan found a direct correlation between smoking and skin damage. It was also found that the longer a person continues to smoke, the worse the skin damage. This is because smoking constricts blood vessels and affects the blood flow around the surface of the skin. The skin begins to wrinkle because it does not receive the appropriate amount of oxygen. Smoking also impairs the production of collagen, which is a protein that makes your skin smooth.

Not Moisturizing


Always apply moisturizer after taking a shower. This will lubricate the skin as well as trap in moisture. Moisture is the essence of skin care. Dry weather, like a cold winter day or a scorcher with low humidity, will relentlessly suck the moisture from your skin. Replace it by making moisturizing a daily part of your post shower routine.

Not Getting Your Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep

With work, kids, school, and many other time consuming factors going on in our lives, it can be extremely difficult to get the amount of sleep necessary for your skin rejuvenate itself. Ideally, you should be sleeping somewhere between 7-9 hours per night. This gives your skin adequate time to renew and repair itself before the upcoming day. Consistent quality sleep goes a long way towards having consistently beautiful skin.

In addition to getting the proper amount of sleep, it is important to regularly wash your sheets and pillowcases. Bedding accumulates oils from your body that can clog pores and cause your skin to break out. Keep your bedding fresh by changing it or washing it at least once a week.

Hot Showers

Hot Shower

As fall and winter approach and the weather starts to shift, it will get more and more tempting to jump into a hot shower to combat the cold. Although there is little better than a hot shower on a cold day or night, hot water dehydrates your skin and makes it dry and itchy. Resist the temptation and instead settle for a lukewarm shower. It may not feel as nice, but your skin will thank you for it.

If you are guilty of making any of these mistakes, correct your skin care routine as soon as possible. If you need help developing the right skin care routine for your skin type, contact Threads today.

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