Beauty Tips: How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Everyone wants beautiful, healthy hair, but how do you go about getting it? There are a wide range of factors that go into having healthy hair that include: your diet, your stress level, and the products you use to treat your hair. Here are some beauty tips that will explain these factors and have you on your way to having the beautiful, healthy hair you’ve always wanted.

Watch What You Eat

It should come as no surprise that the overall health of your body starts with what you eat. Your hair is no different! Maintaining a balanced diet is a vital part of having healthy hair. Eating foods filled with protein, calcium, and omega-3 fats will have your hair looking its best. Try to avoid junk food and remember to drink lots of water. Some foods that are great for hair health include: fish, almonds, beans, walnuts, and eggs.

How Often Should You Wash?

How often you should wash your hair depends on how much oil your hair produces. Typically, it is recommended that you avoid washing your hair daily. Every other day seems to be a general consensus for how often someone should wash their hair. However, if your scalp is oily you may need to wash your hair every day, and those with chemically treated hair may have drier hair that requires washing less frequently. A great way to measure how often you need to shampoo if to check for flakes in your hair. If you see flakes in your hair, you are probably not washing it enough.

Concentrate Shampoo on Your Scalp

When you wash your hair you should start by rinsing your hair thoroughly with warm water before applying shampoo. Once the shampoo is applied you should focus most of your attention on cleaning your scalp. If you only wash your hair you will end up with hair that is dull. For maximum results, use your palms and fingertips to massage your scalp and hair. Do not use your fingernails as this can cause damage to both your hair and scalp. Rinse your hair for 2-3 minutes to make sure you wash all of the product out of your hair.

Use Conditioner

Using a conditioner after each time you shampoo is a necessity for healthy hair. Conditioners improve the look of damaged hair while building hair strength. They also decrease static electricity, increase shine, and help protect your hair from UV rays. Unlike shampoo, when you are using conditioner you should concentrate your efforts on the tips of your hair rather than your scalp.

Use Products Formulated for Your Hair Type

Many people use products that were not designed to treat their specific type of hair. If you want to get the most out of your shampoo and conditioner, you will need to research which products will work best with your hair type. For example, if your hair is dry and brittle, you will want to find a product

formulated to strengthen and moisturize your hair. With so many choices out there, there is bound to be a product that is perfect for your needs. You may have to go through some trial and error but your hair will be better for it in the long run.


We’ve all heard that stress is bad for our health, but it may come as a surprise that it can also lead to weaker hair and even hair loss. Stress management can help keep your hair strong and healthy. It is recommended that you take 30 minutes a day to simply relax. Read a book, watch your favorite movie, or maybe even pamper yourself with a facial or a massage. The better you are able to manage your stress, the more healthy your hair will be.

Don’t Brush Wet Hair

Brushing your hair while it is wet can lead to split ends and brittle hair. When your hair is wet it is carrying a decent amount of extra weight around. This extra weight causes your hair to stretch more and makes it prone to breaking. The narrowly spaced bristles in a brush can snag on wet hair easily, causing damage. A wide toothed comb is a much better option for detangling your hair after you wash it. The teeth are set far apart and move through wet hair much more smoothly.

Regular Hair Cuts

Getting your hair cut regularly will help keep it as healthy as possible. It is important to take care of split ends as soon as they start. If you don’t, split ends will get worse and worse and work their way farther up your hair. Someone who has dry hair will need to get their hair trimmed as often as every few weeks.

Dry With Care

All of us have done the trick where we flip our hair upside down and dry it vigorously by rubbing it with a bath towel. Unfortunately, it turns out that this technique causes split ends and other damage to hair. Blot-drying your hair with a microfiber towel is recommended. When your hair is wet it is ultra-sensitive, so you will need to treat it extremely gently.


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